Folding Portable Barbecue Charcoal Grill Stainless Steel Small Mini BBQ Tool Kits for Outdoor Cooking Camping Picnics Beach


1. Large-capacity: Large-capacity barbecue is enough to taste, can make greater use of the barbecue , and practically no dead ends of delicious barbecue
2. New concept of outdoor barbecue: outdoor barbecue is burnt and fragrant, which can form heating that is conducive to food barbecue
3. The preferred material is durable: the preferred material is not only healthy and glossy, but also easy to clean
4. Car portable, not afraid of bumps, can be folded into a box when not in use, easy to carry, light travel
5.Portable handle, ergonomic design and comfortable feel, you can carry it wherever you go
6. Thicken the grilling net, precise and firm, so that the food is evenly heated, and the taste is good
7. The carbon mesh design makes the charcoal overhead so that the air in the furnace cavity circulates up and down, the carbon dust leaks, the charcoal can be fully burned, and the firepower is more prosperous!
8. Strong bearing capacity: the key parts of the oven are thickened and do not shake!
installation method:
1. Open the inside is a small box, very light and easy to carry
2. When the four feet are folded and put down, the carbon box inside will drop, so you can start grilling, easy to operate
3. The grilling net can be drawn out, and there is a carbon net inside, so the ash will fall out. The design is reasonable and easy to use.
Size: Small black steel 35*27*19.5, big black steel 43*29*23 (cm)
Grilled net to the height of the bottom of the carbon pan 10 cm, to the height of the carbon net 8 cm
Weight: 1.80kg
Material: furnace body cold-rolled iron, high-quality chrome-plated grilling net, steel plate thickn: 0.6 mm

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